I stumbled across this agency on a Google search. The regular agency I used to use let me down last minute for a 3-week cover, which was planned 6/12 in advance.

I started using GP LOCUM AGENCY from April 2017. I was really amazed at the turnaround from the events earlier. I was designated one advisor; Amy Parker, who has been great, she literally works day and night to make sure my needs are matched (I can be very picky). Also when Amy was not around, the team always was supportive, all my queries were always passed on to the team, which showed that the team was always in constant communication to meet all needs and they worked together making sure everything was handed over correctly.

The GP LOCUM AGENCY is now my main point of contact for locum GPs and Nurses. I have previously had good reports with agencies but not as transparent as this one. They provide excellent GPs and Nurses. Our surgery is located in what may be deemed a rough area, a lot of GPs refuse to come working here due to its notorious history of being a rough area, but I can assure you, all the sessions they confirm with me, the GPs/Nurses never cancel.

I know this review seems too good to be true with all the positivity, but I can assure you they really are a great agency.

A NOTE TO THE MANAGEMENT TEAM: whatever you do, do not let go of Amy, Ruth and the team they are working in. ABSOLUTELY GREAT!

Thank you for all the help and I apologise for all the emails and calls.
Customer in North London

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