How we can benefit you?

  • SAVE TIME - No need to search for GP Locums when you can have one point of contact, we will search our vast database of GP Locums and find you the right one in accordance with your requirements, giving you chance to keep on top of your paperwork.
  • VETTING AND CHECKS - All our GP Locums are checked thoroughly upon registration and on going prior to each placement, proof of checks are kept on file.
  • CONTINUITY - We aim to provide you with the same GP Locum should you request cover time and time again, thus keeping continuity for the Practice, Patients and the GP Locum.
  • WHAT YOU DON'T PAY FOR - Employee benefits such as holiday, sickness, pensions and training courses.
  • HONESTY - With our upfront and honest attitude you will know where you stand right from the start, we will update you and give you a true answer on GP Locum availability.
  • ON CALL SERVICE - On call 24/7, 365 days of the year, if you have an emergency, so do we.
  • OUR SERVICE IS YOUR SERVICE - You adjust our services to suit your requirements, tell us what you need specifically, we will then incorporate that into your service to tailor it just for you.